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Wiring Diagrams
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308 Wiring Diagrams

10 Wiring Diagrams Cover a Decade of 308 Car Production
Which year? - Ferrari often added car features mid-year primarily because production attention was needed to meet various country regulations. While the 308 series cars looked nearly identical for ten years, changes were often phased in gradually during a calendar year. US emissions meant further differences between Euro and US cars, and even different wire colors get used on Euro and US cars. Electrical systems are a reliability problem as cars age, and knowledge of the wiring is essential. An accurate diagram is mandatory and factory information is sorely lacking. Previous owners add alarms and otherwise modified the electrical system in mysterious ways. A return to original is often called for to correct mysterious symptoms.
Looking for the 328 diagrams? Factory publications are abundant and are very legible. Looking for Mondial diagrams? I've never found a source for them. But I several guys use an equivalent year 308 diagram to their Mondial as a 'make do'. Chances are one of the 308 diagrams will adequately match your car, enough to troubleshoot a problem.
308 GT4
308 GTB
308 US
308 Euro
308 2Vi
308 2Vi
308 4Vi Euro
308 QV US
308 QV US
308 QV Euro
Dino Dual Distributors  - Also Covers '208 GT4
First 308  
Covers '76-'78
w/ Catalytic Temp Circuitry   - Covers '78 to mid '80
Fog Lights - no cat
US CIS Fuel Injection  
Driver mirror
Euro - headlight flashing circuit
US CIS Fuel Injection  
US w / lambda Injection   - Covers '84-'85
European Version - Covers '83-'85
GT4, 308 carb 308 injectedUS QVEuro_QV  
Jpegs print to approximately 24" x 36"

Low resolution samples for many of the drawings:

1978 308 NA

GT4   Injected   US_QV   Euro_QV   Return to Top  

1980-1982 injected 2V

GT4   1978_308   2V_Injected   US_QV   Euro_QV   Return to Top  

1974-1980 GT4

GT4   US_QV   Euro_QV   Return to Top  

1983-1985 QV EURO

GT4   1978_308   2V_Injected   US_QV   Euro_QV   Return to Top  

1983-1985 QV US