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Wiring Diagrams
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact you? Send me an Email Message - pbennett @ macnet.com
How do I get the diagrams? By downloading the files from a web page like this one. You will get the location of that page after payment.
OK, just what is downloading? Downloading is computer talk for getting the files into your computers hard drive. Once in the hard drive you can view them in your picture program or burn them to a cd to have them printed.
How do I download the drawings? Click on the drawing desired. A box comes up asking where to put the file on your hard drive. Change if you wish and click 'OK'.
How do I get prints on paper? Copy files you downloaded to a cd or thumbnail drive. If your workplace or friends have a large printer you are fortunate. Otherwise take it to a Kinkos, Home Depot, Staples or a such a store who can print very large images. (please do not give the download address to the printers) You can print the functional circuits on your own printer as they are all designed for standard 8 1/2" x 11" paper.
What size are the prints? Native resolution of the files vary but are roughly 30" x 40". Since they are drawn at 150 dpi, printers can resize to your needs without loosing resolution, even to 4 by 6 feet! I recommend printing to at least 24" for the short side (smallest dimension) of the drawing.
Do I have to have them printed? No. While many users like to have the diagrams printed, others study the diagrams on the computer monitor to learn about an electrical problems. Others print them for garage decoration (laminated or under glass) while studing them on the monitor. A computer monitor permits magnifying areas of interest and the Photoshop allows turning off distracting wire colors.
How do you view the drawings on the computer monitor? I've come to like the free Picassa Photo Viewer program. Navigation is easy with magnification or zoom in/out is controlled by the thumbwheel on the mouse and left click moves you around on the drawing.

Some have expressed liking the free Irfan Viewer. I suspect it's navigation favors laptop users.

And of course, to concentrate only on components and wires of a particular color while turning off visibility of the other wires, Photoshop is outstanding.
What is with zip files? The zip files condense the very large Photoshop psd files to 1/4 their size for faster downloading. There are many free programs such as WinZip to unzip them.
I don't have Photoshop Since it's inception, there have been a dozen or more versions of Photoshop, all work with these drawings. Heavy users frequently update to the new version in the neighborhood of $500 discarding their old one. Not having such a friend, versions back to PS3 are sold for near nothing on Craigs or auction sites.

Gimp is a free program which claims to use Photoshop psd files with full layer support. I have no personal knowledge here.
What is with 'layers'? Each wire color such as red or blue, yellow or green are on separate layers. Imagine each layer can be hidden or made visible. This way you can checkout a blue wire from the fuseblock as it goes to a switch, comes out as a green wire going to a light. All this without the distraction of black, red, yellow etc wires. You can even temporarily turn off the text if it helps.
What if something goes wrong and I can't find the download page. Just email me and we'll get you going quickly.
$30 seems cheap. Is that just for one car? All car diagrams which I have done or will do are yours for $20. Download some now, return later and download others.
How do I get the diagrams? Download the files immediately after a $30 payment. Press the BUY button on the payment page to use either Paypal or a credit card processed by Paypal. Or email me for my address to send cash/check.
When I pay and get the download page, how do I come back later to the same page. Bookmark the download page IMMEDIATELY. If things go awry, email me immediately.
What about 328 or even the Mondial 308 diagrams? While not drawn in color, I'm told factory drawings for these cars are legible. So I've concentrated my efforts where there is a greatest need which is the pre 1986 cars. Re Mondial 308, I've yet to find a diagram to colorize.

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