308 365 400i 512
Wiring Diagrams
+ Circuit Schematics

Individual Circuits

Unique Concept for Understanding
Function diagrams recreated from information handed out at factory service seminars on the 1980 GTBi & GTSi.

ALL 308 Ferrari owners can benefit from having these function pages since virtually all functions except engine fuel circuits are common to all 308s such as headlight buckets, turn signals etc

In addition to the 12 Individual Circuits, there is also a page with relay modifications, fixes for windows, headlights, & parking lights  These 13 are in black and red sized for 8" X 10" printing. Ideal for computer viewing, and also print great on b/w printer (and laminated for longevity & kept in the car,  why doncha)
If you have ever tried to read the large diagram you will LOVE these for understandability because of other wires aren't there to distract

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