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Wiring Diagrams
+ Circuit Schematics

Ferrari Wiring Diagrams - 308

Wiring drawings in Owners Manuals for 1970-1985 cars, are difficult to read ... until now. New drawings, with wires drawn in their proper color make it easy to trace from one component to another, across a maze of clutter. And components are identified right there, in English, rather referring a number in the balloon to a table on another page. Plus the quality is clean crisp clear not...well have a look at the difference Sample

Use your KindleFire or iPad !! While the screen size may be smaller than a pc monitor...color screen tablets with WiFi such as the KindleFire and iPad may be used to download and view (and store) the wiring diagrams.

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Major functional circuits such as Turn Signals, Headlights, Power, are individually drawn in 8x10 size.

These are from factory Service Seminar for the 1980 gtbi cars.